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Lashes Make Everything FAB!

FAB Miss K here and welcome to the ‘FAB Life ByK!’ Your destination for everything fabulous. Beauty & lifestyle products that make everyday life, you guessed it…

FABULOUS! FAB products include: lashes, lash tools & accessories and more in the near future!  

Click ‘Lash Candy’ on the top menu to shop the current collection. 👉 BTW 'Flirt' is our #1 Lash & 'Mia' is great to stack with another to create a wispy look!

I Don't Know How to Apply Strip Lashes!

That's what everyone says (lol)! Our favorite 'How-To Apply False Lashes' video can help!

It's an ART! Applying lashes is definitely an art that you learn only by doing it everyday. This FAB video from YouTube Beauty Star Felisha Renee taught me how to apply my lashes perfectly every time. Once you become comfortable with applying your lashes, you'll rock a pair everyday.

It's my opinion (just my opinion), strip lashes are better for the health of your eyes in the long run. I promise you'll LOVE how your eyes look while wearing my 'Lash Candy' lashes. Watch the video and join the lash club! :-)

"You're Gonna Need Some Tools Luv!"

Hey Luv! Selena here!

A few things...Every artist needs the right tools. The same goes for applying your lashes because it’s an art and you’re the artist. 😂 Don't have any? No worries! We’ve got you covered! 

Click 'FAB Tools' on the top menu to view the cutest, functional lash tools available! 👉The 'Mini Lash Buddy' is a must have Luv! #IJS Thank me later (lol).

The FAB Journal Collection is Here!

‘The FAB Life By K’ also includes a fabulous journal collection that is a beautiful blend of journals, notebooks, and planners celebrating the beauty & strength of Black women.

Each piece in this collection is crafted to inspire and empower, with thoughtfully designed pages to organize your everyday life. The FAB Journal collection is your perfect companion for staying organized and motivated. They are your pocket-size BFF!

Our journals are fulfilled through Amazon KDP. Amazon Prime members enjoy FREE shipping! Shop the FAB Journal collection here 👉 on Amazon!

About The 'FAB Life By K!'

'The FAB Life By K' originally launched as 'Fabulous Lashes by K' and swiftly became a beloved hub for lifestyle and beauty products that elevate your daily routine to fabulous-ness. My commitment is to consistently offer you top-notch products at prices that won't break the bank. To stay ahead on exclusive deals and new arrivals, please follow and enter your email below and join Club Fabulous. Stay Fabulous!

Kirstin N. Fuller - CFO (Chief Fabulosity Officer)🤩