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Lash Candy Lashes - "Mia"

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'Mia' is the Newest Sweet Treat in the Lash Candy Family!  

"Mia" is A Little Something on the Side & A Dash of GLAM Honey!  

These super lightweight lashes are perfect to wear all day at work and on date night. The 'Mia' lashes add just the right amount of wispy, sexy, long curved lashes to the outer edge of your eyes only. Mascara can't do that (lol)! 

Say goodbye to irritation at the inner edge of your eye. 'Mia' blends perfectly into your natural lashes, stopping in the middle for a sexy but natural look.  You can also add 'Mia' to another pair of your favorite lashes to create an even sexier wispier look while still being super lightweight.

** Lash adhesive and 'FAB Lash Applicator Tool' needed for easy breezy application every time. :-) **